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⚡️ Getting started

Runes are typically crafted out of Cobblestone and a some material that is relevant to the specific rune.

Runes have shapeless recipes, can be crafted in hand or at a regular crafting table.

Crafting in hand

The most efficient way to craft runes, is to use a Rune Crafting Altar.

Rune crafting altar recipe

All runes have the same recipe on the Rune Crafting Altar, but provide more runes for the same amount of ingredients.

Crafting runes at altar



Runes can be crafted using the following ingredients

  • 🔮 Arcane - Amethyst
  • 🔥 Fire - Coal
  • ❄️ Frost - Snowball
  • 💚 Healing - Honey, Gold
  • ⚡️ Lightning (not available yet)
  • 👻 Soul (not available yet)