Ruins of Humanity

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This mod is currently in Alpha

This post has more information (minecraft forums)

Since there is no wiki (yet), that post contains a bunch of information about the mod.





- Metal Workbench (for crafting a few metal items, will have more functionality in the future)

- Copper Pulverizer (turns ingots/nuggets/ore into dust, for use in alloyer)

- Copper Alloyer (creates metal alloys)

- 10 metal alloys, all of which have tool sets (Molybdochalkos (lead and copper), Cast Iron (iron and quartz), Siderargyros (iron and silver), Argyrochalkos (silver and copper), Siderochalkos (iron and copper), Chrysochalkos (gold and copper), Bronze (copper and tin), Brass (copper and zinc), Siderochrysos (iron and gold), Electrum (gold and silver))

- Bronze and Siderochalkos Armor sets

- Copper, Iron, and Tin plates, made at the workbench, and used to craft the pulverizer and alloyer

- Dust and small dust piles for all metals

- Added tool and armor settings to config (a restart is required for edits to them to take effect)

- Added durability settings for many vanilla items to config


- Experience amounts

- Ore rarities, including vanilla ores

- Reduced durability of many items, can be edited in the config

- Damage Calculation, note that the changes are very small, they mainly effect much higher armor values than are present in this mod

- Copper textures

- Titanium Armor texture

- Zircon Texture

- Onyx/Red Onyx tool textures

- Onyx/Red Onyx tool recipes, they now require bones instead of sticks

- Rhodium, Osmium, Iridium block textures

- Darkstone bow recipe (now requires 4 darkstone rods and 1 titanium ingot)


- It is fairly easy to get a bunch of xp with little effort by pulverizing ingots, then smelting the powder, etc. However, since much faster xp farms exist, I have decided not to try to do anything to prevent this.

- Small dust piles cannot be crafted into large dust piles and vice versa. This will be changed in the next big update.

- The new Rhodium, Osmium, and Iridium block textures are not animated, despite Ruthenium, Palladium, Platinum, and the previous block textures being animated.



-named scaffolding and creative tabs

-scaffolding is now flammable



-improved accuracy of the darkstone bow

-fixed problems with slabs added by this mod

-they no longer have 0 hardness and blast resistance
-they now drop themselves

-fixed problems with red and black onyx generation in the nether

-they no longer use cinnabar's generation settings

-increased copper ore spawning rate

-decreased tin, lead, zinc, anthracite, iron, and coal ore spawning rates (by a little bit)

-fixed issue with overriding gold ore spawning in the mesa (it shouldn't prevent all gold ore from spawning in the mesa, but probably does some weird stuff with messing around with gold ore spawning on the customized world type)

-added an iron rod (crafted in the same way as a titanium rod)

-added tool sets for Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, Iridium, and Platinum, which are crafted using iron rods

-added scaffolding block

-an ugly and very cheaply crafted block with 0 blast resistance and hardness
-crafted with 4 planks in the corners, 4 sticks on the sides, and an iron nugget in the middle

This mod changes the damage calculation, nerfing armor and removing the cap for damage reduction due to armor.

It adds 23 tool sets, 7 armor sets, and 32 naturally generating ores.

Some of the blocks added by the mod (more pictures on the forum thread):






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