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  This is my first published Minecraft mod!  If you have any suggestions for the mod, comment below and I might add it.  Thank you for viewing, and have a great day!


  Features - 3 Ruby Blocks

                   - Ruby Tools (A little bit weaker than diamond, but more efficient and deals more damage)

                   - Naturally Generating Ruby Ore (spawns 36 max and 10 min)

                   -Ruby Gem (I named it "Ruby Gem" instead of "Ruby" for less confusion with making the mod)


  Planned - Ruby Drill

                  - Ruby Armor (I already have the textures, I just have some technical difficulties with importing textures into MCreator)

                  - Ruby Horse Armor (I also have the textures, I just need to figure out how to put it in the game)

Shaders used in screenshots - Sildur's Default Enhanced:


  Credits -

  MCreator for modding tools -

  Mojang for Ruby Gem Texture and the Game

  Photoshop for texture editing software

  Me for everything else


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