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Filename rubidium-0.2.10.jar
Uploaded by Asek3
Uploaded Aug 24, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +12
Size 583.68 KB
Downloads 349,738
MD5 d2c79305904084bd028bb37c169467d1
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Create ko_kr.json (thanks to Haru301)
Added minVersion property to remove warning
Better compatibiltiy with Flywheel
Fixed underwater lightning
Correct smooth lighting (Fixed bug with AE2 Drive and GregTech machines)
Using LWJGL's MemoryUtil instead of Unsafe

Avoid using more than 10 threads for chunk building
Using GlStateManager instead of raw GL (provides better mod compatibility)
Some lightning optimizations

Oculus needs to be updated to 1.2.6!