Embeddium (Rubidium) Extra

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What is Embeddium Extra?

Rubidium Extra is an unofficial fork of Sodium Extra for Forge that aims to bring most of the OptiFine features to Rubidium, as well as providing some features such as visual bug fixes and other performance features not yet available in Embeddium.

Rubidium or Embeddium

Despite the name, Rubidium Extra is being developed for Embeddium (for the sole reason that it is faster to update). I have no desire to do a complete rebranding, Rubidium compatibility is still a priority, but sometimes you may need to download an older version of Rubidium Extra for the game to work properly!


Here is a basic rundown of what this mod does.

  • Animations Settings (Control fire, water, lava, block animations and etc...)
  • Particles Settings (Control all types of particles, including ones from other mods)
  • Details Settings (Control sky, stars, sun/moon, weather, and much more)
  • Render Settings (Control fog, static entities, and other miscellaneous renderings)
  • Extra Settings (Display FPS, coordinates, toast notifications, clouds, and much more)

See a more detailed explanation of what features are included in Embeddium Extra here.

Modpack Permissions

This is a free and open-source project; you can include it in your mod pack as long as you provide attribution!

Common Questions

  • Do I need Rubidium/Embeddium installed for this mod to work? You will need to download Rubidium or Embeddium for this mod to work.
  • Can I re-host/upload this mod somewhere else? No.
  • Will you add x features to this mod? Ask the original author about it, you can do it here.
  • For any other questions, please contact our discord!

Some information copied from the official page of the mod.