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RTech is a tech mod that introduces hundreds of new machines as well as thousands of items and blocks.

This mod is still WIP.


  • A large number of objects, blocks and fluids of different materials From the periodic table, real materials and fantastic worlds.
  • A ton of machines that use RF.
  • Semi-realistic approach.
  • Overriding the ore generation with large, multi-ore cluster.
  • CraftTweaker support.
  • Designed to be used in a modpack environment.


As said earlier, you can use CraftTweaker to add your own Substances and veins to the game (for now). But when RTech is loaded in a modpack environnement, it's also load more substances and recipes for these mods

  • Thermal Foundation
  • More to come


Can i use it in my modpack?

Yes go ahead! This mod exists somehow only for that.

When [insert any version other than 1.12.2 here]? ( ¯﹃¯ )


I've encountered an issue. / Can i make a suggestion?

Report your issues or make your suggestions here please.