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Filename Roots-1.12.2-3.0.5.jar
Uploaded by Noobanidus
Uploaded Aug 6, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 1.35 MB
Downloads 4,097
MD5 2278d5f2f32d2f7da11cc322f6076d78
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- Sanctuary now no longer repulses non-living entities but does repulse projectiles

- Fix #154: Sylvan and Wildwood armor should no longer cause a memory leak

- Bandaid fix for #156: I'm not sure the circumstances under which this trash occurs, but adding a check to ensure the state is the correct state should fix it.

- Pyres now automatically refill themselves with the ingredients necessary for rituals if contained in an inventory directly beneath the Pyre

- The recipe for the Incense Burner has been removed as it is not currently functional and may cause bugs/crashes

- The Spreading Forest ritual has been drastically improved and will now attempt to spawn dark oaks (and rarely jungle & spruce trees) in a 2x2 pattern so that they correctly generate trees. This does not currently work with modded trees that require 2x2; CraftTweaker compatibility will be added for those in the future.

- The Summon Creatures ritual no longer requires standing stones.

- Fix #151: teleportation now only happens on the server side, meaning items will not appear to teleport to the player and then teleport back.

- Fix more of #138: the wildwood quiver's "sneak-to-pick-up" functionality will now always pick up Livingwood Arrows even if there is no space in the quiver. In addition, if you successfully pick up an arrow, it will attempt to add it to your quiver, then to your inventory, then drop the itemstack on the ground below you.

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