Rockhounding Mod

87,720 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 12, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

The Rockhounding Mod is focused on producing decorating and building materials, with a clue on the procedures to get them, but also aims to enhance exploration and cave mining to discover and collect the various workable resources. The mod covers different paths, each one with its peculiar methods.

  • Simple rockhounding spawns in the overworld a wide collection of minerals and rocks to search for and process into building parts. Each rock is depicted with its typical real-life look.
  • Chemistry tries to run through the processes which bring a mined mineral to become chemical elements and alloys, used to produce new tools and machinery. 
  • Gemology allows to extract gemstones from the raw rocks and polish them to be used for magic-like tasks. Their application will allow to cast items and blocks or trigger events and effects.
  • Additional features are meant to bring into the world some themed resources to play around with.

The mod is provided of a low-tier technology, a set of machines and devices to process the materials in a reasonable way through GUIs or by player interaction. There are also functional features and simple experiments. Every feature is meant to be as much as possible progressive so to also emphasize the questing aspect of the mod.
The Tech Tree quickly shows at a glance all the parts composing the mod and what they allow to do. It is composed of various sections covering the different paths. Each one can be disabled without interferring with the rest of the mod.






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