RoboWorks SMZ Package [Legacy]

2,151 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 15, 2018 Game Version: 1.7.10

NOTICE: This is a legacy package and will no longer be updated. For updated SMZ packages click here


RoboWorks SMZ Package is a content-pack for Flans Mod which adds 270 new vehicles to the game. As you could tell from the name, this package is focused on SMZ, aka "Invalidka", a tiny welfare car produced in the Soviet Union. All models are highly detailed and textured. (Quick Tip: You can open the roof on SMZ S1L, SMZ S3L, and SMZ S3A by pressing "K")


List of current vehicles:
-SMZ-S1L Classic
-SMZ-S1L Classic Roofless
-SMZ-S3L Classic
-SMZ-S3L Classic Roofless
-SMZ-S3A Classic
-SMZ-S3A Classic Roofless
-SMZ-S3D Classic
-SMZ-S3D Stock


List of planned features:
-This package was split into standalone packs as of many requests. This package will not be updated. You can find the standalone packages here.


1) Download and install Forge for Minecraft 1.7.10
2) Download Flans mod and place it in “mods” folder
3) Create a “flan” folder in .minecraft directory
4) Download RoboWorks SMZ Package and place it in the “flan” folder


If you plan to use this mod/package in your video, server, or modpack, I give you my permission if you give credit by linking the Curse page of this mod/package.


Screenshots were taken on the streets of Lapiz Point City. Lapiz Point City map by, available for download here: 


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