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Roamers is a mod that adds rare player-like characters to the game, with the abilities to mine, craft, and build!



The Roamers:


Plains Race: Spawns in Forest Biome (Default Race)

Savanna Race: Spawns in the Savanna Biome

Badlands Race: Spawns in the Badlands Biome

Desert Race: Spawns in the Desert Biome

Jungle Race: Spawns in the Sparse Jungle Biome

Taiga Race: Spawns in the Taiga Biome

Artic Race: Spawns in the Ice Spikes Biome


Building Breakdown:


Roamers will first put down a campfire. This will mark the land where they will live.

If the land is cluttered with trees, or is uneven, they will break blocks within a 10 block radius of their campfire to clear the area.


After marking their home with the campfire, the roamers will then start building their house. The actual house is a saved NBT structure that they will build in game, with different rotations and within a minimum of 2 blocks away from the campfire.

Each house is different, and made with a variety of materials depending on the Roamer's race. For example, a desert house is made of sandstone, a taiga house is made out of spruce wood, and an artic house is, well, an igloo! In order to get these materials, they will chop down trees for wood, dig up sand for sandstone, or dig up snow for an igloo.

*Roamers will not break blocks placed by them, or by players. However, they will break player-placed blocks if the blocks were placed prior to loading in the mod. To avoid griefing, you can either start a new world with the mod installed, or configure their abilities to break blocks in the config files!*

Chest and Bed:

Once the last block is placed for their house, they will then decorate the inside of their house with a chest and a bed. Currently Roamers do not sleep in the bed, but babies will play on the bed just like baby villagers, and adults will use their chests to clear out their full inventory, and take out items if needed.


Hunting Cooking and Eating:

Roamers will also hunt animals if they don't have food in their inventory, and cook their meat on the campfire. They get hungry like the player, and require food in order to build, mine, and sprint. They won't die from starvation by default, but eating, hunger, and death from starvation can all be configured in the config file.

Psst: You can also change what entities to hunt with in the "roamers:huntable_animals" entity type tag.



Roamers will have a random chance to breed without being provoked by the player. They can only breed with the opposite gender, and parents will call their babies if they wander too far. There is also a random chance that a Roamer will have a baby with them when they spawn.

Breeding can be turned off with the config.


Player Interactions:

Player can interact with Roamers, and have a relationship status! This status is stored with the player's name attached to it, so each player will have differing interactions.

Physically hurting Roamers will greatly decrease your relationships, but you are friendly, they will throw you food if you need it, and will defend you from an entity that attacked you.

Positive Interaction Types:

  • Giving food 
  • Giving valuable items
  • Giving babies a cookie
  • Giving building materials





Player Descendants:

Player Descendants are new characters added in Version 1.3, with the ability to help their parents gather materials.



Descendants do not spawn naturally in the world. They can only be obtained between a Player and a Roamer. The Roamer must have the maximum relationship status with the Player, and when right-clicked with a flower, a new Descendant will be born, a miniature clone of their parent player!



Unlike other characters, Descendants will have an interactive inventory with their parent player. They will have armor slots, and item slots. You can physically take or remove items from the slots like a chest. In order to access their inventory, you must crouch and right-click on them.


Chores and Relationships:

When the baby Descendant is born, they won't know you, and won't have a relationship just yet. That means they won't do any chores for you. You must throw them food or items that are valuable to gain trust. From there, if they become friendly to you, you will unlock the ability to have a helping hand with mining for ores, chopping wood, hunting, farming, cooking food, and even fishing for treasures. However, if they have a strained relationship with you, they won't even follow you. Hungry or Starving Descendants will stop doing chores altogether, so you must keep them heathy and happy.



In order to have Descendants mine, you have to put a pickaxe in their main hand slot in their inventory. They must have a specific ore to look for when mining, so if you want them to mine coal, putting a piece of coal in the slot above their hand slot will have them look for coal ores.

Descendants will dig tunnels underground toward the ores they are looking for, and will also place torches on the ground in dark areas, if they have any in their inventory.



Descendants will chop wood when given an axe in their main hand. By default, they will chop down any trees or logs they come across, but if you want them to cut a specific wood type, you can put a log in the slot above their hand slot, and they will look for that specific log to cut down.



Descendants will also hunt for entities if given a sword in their main hand. By default, they will hunt animals for food. But if given a specific mob drop in the slot above their hand slot, they will search out entities with that drop. If given rotten flesh for example, they will hunt zombies, or anything that drops rotten flesh on death.

Be careful giving them gunpowder, it won't end well!



In order to have Descendants cook food, they must have a campfire nearby, and have cookable foods in their main hand. Then, they'll place it on the campfire, and wait for it to finish cooking.

Psst: Cookable foods are defined through a tag in the mod: "roamers:cookable_items".



Placing a fishing rod in a Descendant's main hand, you can make them go fishing!

They won't catch just fish, they can catch junk, or enchanted books and treasures. If on the grind for enchanted gear in the beginning, Descendants can be very helpful.

Or, give you a handful of rotten flesh and lily pads.



If given a hoe in their main hand, water, and some crops or seeds in their inventory, Descendants will till land, plant crops, and harvest crops for you. They will also use bonemeal if they have some in their inventory.


Following and Wandering:

Right clicking on a Descendant will change whether they should follow you or not, like having a tamed wolf follow or stay.

If in the middle of a chore, they will stop what they are doing and follow you if told to.

They will not stay in one place if told to stop following, they will just continue what they were doing or wander around if no chore is defined.



The Bandits:

Bandits are like the Roamers, but do not Build or Mine. Instead, they prefer to pillage, kill and steal!



Bandits do not spawn naturally in the world, but spawn in similar to pillager patrols. With a random chance after 4 in-game days, a group of Bandits can spawn within the vicinity of the player. They are armed with axes and swords, and if killed, they have a chance of dropping treasures, like golden apples, diamonds, or even enchanted books! They will only spawn if the player is in the biomes that Roamers spawn in, like forests, deserts, badlands, etc. Bandits also have different races, and can be male or female when spawned



Beware for any chests nearby! Bandits open them and take any items they deem worthy enough to steal, such as foods and valuable items. To make things worse, after they finish stealing, they will break the chest, regardless if a player placed it or not. They will also steal your items if you are killed by them, and will wear any armor you had, making them extra dangerous! In order to get these items back, you must kill them.



If not actively aggressive, Bandits will have a chance to despawn after 2 in-game days, regardless if they are carrying any stolen goods.



Bandits kill Players, Roamers, and Villager-Types. Iron Golems will also attack the Bandits unprovoked.



Moods and Traits:

Moods and Traits are added features in 1.4 that affect behavior. All Characters spawn with one trait, but moods are dynamic and will change.

The player can affect moods of characters by their actions.

Examples: Giving a baby a cookie will make them happy. Hitting a roamer will make them angry. If a parent roamer has a baby that dies, they will become depressed.

Negative moods like sadness and depression will greatly impact characters and their ability to work, and Depression will halt most of their activities.

Moods have a timer, and will revert back to neutral when the timer hits zero.


Certain traits will even affect moods. For example, Grumpy characters will have a hard time becoming happy, and Hot Heads will become furious instead of angry.

Traits also affect behaviors similar to moods. Babies with Hot Head, Brave, or Heroic traits will actually fight back if hurt by an entity, and Grumpy babies do not play on beds.








-In Love




-Hot Head












If a character detects that they are in a confined space, their mood status will slowly drain, and depending on how long they are in that small room, they can become depressed. This also affects Player Descendants. Being in a cave or a tunnel underground will also affect their mood statuses, but will drain slower if they are actively Mining.

All of these features are configurable, and can be changed to false in the config file if unwanted.




Roamers stop building their houses, and wander.

This is usually do to the Roamers not having the correct building materials, or simply because they're hungry and have no food. Common solutions are to give them the materials they want, or food that they can eat.

If the Roamers are building their houses from wood, they can get stuck crafting fences if they don't have sticks. If the Roamers are building from sandstone types, this is also due to them not having sandstone for crafting cut sandstone. This is a known crafting bug, and is getting updated soon! -Fixed in version 1.4!


My Descendant is not doing chores, just follows me or wanders

This is most likely due to them not having a good relationship with you. Descendants will not do chores if they don't know you, or they don't like you. 

More common reasons is that they are hungry, they don't have a tool in their hand, or if they are mining, no item to look for.

Common solutions are to give them food to boost relationships, put the required tool in the hand slot of their inventory, or give them the required items in order for them to do their chores. 


Is there going to be a 1.18.2 backport?

After the 1.4 release, I will be working on backporting to 1.18.2 :D


Is there going to be a 1.16.5 backport?

Maybe, right now I am focusing on backporting to 1.18.2. But it is definitely in my mind!


Will there be a Fabric version? 

I've never used fabric before, but this is not off the table. I will be looking into this, but right now just focusing on Forge.




This mod is still under development, so feedback and suggestions are welcome!


Thank you very much for the support, and I hope you enjoy my mod! :D


Also Check Out My Discord! ;D  


This mod was started using MCreator, so go show them some love! <3