Roadworks SDK Forge



Simple library mod for mods to use for advanced utilities.


Currently Supported

  • Controller Support (Unfinished)
  • Partial GUI Support

Currently, these features are buggy and unfinished, you may find certain things not working as expected, we ask that you report issues and suggest fixes for things you find with any of the features but especially any new control schemes.


This may affect your gameplay, use at own risk.



repositories {
	maven {
		url "https://hrznstudio.com/maven/release"
	maven {
		url "https://hrznstudio.com/maven/snapshot" // Use this maven for beta builds

dependencies {
    provided 'com.hrznstudio.roadworks:roadworks-sdk-forge:[VERSION]:api' // Can be shaded into a mod, does nothing by itself
    runtime 'com.hrznstudio.roadworks:roadworks-sdk-forge:[VERSION]:deobf'