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Road Runner


Yeah my first mod(finally) ! :)



What you need to know

This mod allows players to define any Block as a Road Block with a specific Movement Speed Modifier.

*This mod adds no blocks.

*Road Blocks have to be defined in the config.

*By default stone bricks and grass path are roads.

*To learn more about the Movement Speed modifier and the Modifier Operations take a look at:

*Currently supports up to 5 different Road Blocks(can be easily changed if requested)


If you

-If you are a modpack maker feel free to include my mod and message me if you need anything additional or changed.

-If you are a modder yourself please hop over to my github repo and suggest code improvements.

-If you experience any problems or want more features, submit them on the github issue tracker 

Git hub Repo issue Tracker:


Thanks Section

+Thanks to the people on the forge forum.

   Every time I got stuck, somebody answered my questions over night and allowed me to make        progress the next day.

+All the various tutorials out there that allowed me to get started making this mod

+IChun for his Clef dev streams that motivated me to make a mod of my own.


This mod is currently considered feature complete, as I currently feel like adding more to it would not improve on the core promise of this mod. That being said I will gladly add features requested by mod pack makers and consider features requested by normal users.


Thanks for reading the entire description.

Have a nice day ! ^_^