Ritual Enchanting

5,099 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 7, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

This mod changes the enchantment mechanics. It does this with a couple of features:

Changes the enchantment table so that enchanting is less random. The base enchantment mechanics are the same, however you cannot get an item worth more levels than you pay for it. Also the enchantment table now adds book slots so you can add multiple books at the same time.

Adds 2 blocks, the Censer and the Book Stand. You can burn most items in the Censer. Some items that are burnt in the Censer modify the chance of specific enchantments in the enchantment table. Book Stands allow an enchanted book to be placed inside it. These boost the chance of getting the enchantment on the book. These blocks can be placed in the same place as a bookshelf.

Changes the anvil so that an item will always cost the same and it will not cost more the repair the same item over and over again. Also the price of renaming an item is reduced to 1 enchantment level.

Adds more positions to place a bookshelf in. You can now place bookshelves (and Censer's and Book Stands) an extra block away.


You can download the required library (WatkinsBase for 1.7.10) here.


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