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RingkyDinks is a mod that adds ability rings akin to the Extra Utilities flight ring. Simply craft the correct tier of ring and an Ability Dink such as flight, speed, water or lava walking, etc and combine them. Rings can be placed into the Baubles ring slot or may stay in the inventory to have their ability be active or may be placed on a rubber hand so you can carry them without their abilities being active.  


Should you want to request a ring type, please create an issue in the issues section describing your ring. Bugs should also be reported in the same place.



Tier 1:

  • Lava Walking
  • Water Walking
  • Portable Chest
  • Portable Ender Chest
  • Portable Crafting Table

Tier 2:

  • Anti-Potion
  • Extinguisher
  • Magnet
  • Water Breathing
  • Night Vision
  • Saturation
  • Speed
  • Mobderpearl
  • Uphill Step Assist

Tier 3:

  • Flight
  • Regeneration 

Item Consumption

The majority of dinks consume items to function, this is a list of the default items and amounts that are consumed. Unless otherwise noted the items are consumed every 30 seconds (config editable) and the item and amount can be changed in the config.

  • Flight: 1 Feather
  • Lava Walking: 1 Stone per block placed.
  • Water Walking: 1 Ice per block placed.
  • Anti-Potion: 0 Milk Bucket every time potion effects are removed.
  • Extinguisher: 0 Water Bucket every time the player is extinguished.
  • Magnet: 1 Iron Ingot
  • Water Breathing: 1 Raw Fish
  • Night Vision: 1 Torch
  • Speed: 1 Sugar
  • Mobderpearl: 1 Ender Pearl every time a mob is picked up
  • Regeneration: 1 Ghast Tear

Modpack Policy

Send me a message then go ahead.