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This mod has been discontinued. You can use RightClickHarvest as an (even better) drop-in replacement.


Right-Click Harvest

Simple right-click crop harvesting and replanting. Configurable via ModMenu (or by manually editing the JSON config file).


Q: Client or Server side?
A: This mod is not required on the clientside. However, the hand swinging animation on right clicking will be inconsistent without it.

Q: Is Fortune accounted for?
: Yes. The Fortune value is pulled from the item in your **main hand**.

Q: Forge Port?
A: No. However you are within the license of both this mod and TehNut's original to do so yourself.

Default Config

  "exhaustionPerHarvest": 0.005,
  "additionalLogging": false,
  "crops": {
    "wheatEnabled": true,
    "wheatStage": 7,
    "netherWartEnabled": true,
    "netherWartStage": 3,
    "carrotEnabled": true,
    "carrotStage": 7,
    "potatoEnabled": true,
    "potatoStage": 7,
    "beetrootEnabled": true,
    "beetrootStage": 3