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Filename Rift-1.0.3-44.jar
Uploaded by Runemoro
Uploaded Aug 13, 2018
Game Version 1.13
Size 112.74 KB
Downloads 1,460
MD5 9e565c8cfef0faea235dc503f7042c6b
Supported Java Versions
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.13 Versions


New features:

  • Added dedicated server support (run as 'java -jar rift.jar --server')
  • Added Optifine support (add optifine to mods folder)
  • Made installer create or update the "Rift" launcher profile automatically
  • Made installer use the %appdata% environment variable on Windows
  • Made installer create mods folder automatically
  • Enabled sided Mixins
  • Added an Instantiator interface to allow the creation of language adaptors
  • Added chunk load and unload events

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed some datapacks not working properly with Rift installed
  • Fixed entity registration not working

Mod developers: You will need to change "RiftLoaderTweaker" to "RiftLoaderClientTweaker" in build.gradle!

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Rift 1.0.3 MultiMC instance 6.52 KB Aug 13, 2018