278 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 23, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Do you love making Redstone contraptions?
Do you hate having to make long routes and complicated patterns just to make it work?

If you can answer yes to both of those questions then this is the mod for you!

This mod adds blue and green variants of the Redstone.
The variants are made so they do not interact with each other! This means you can have three lines of RGBStone right next to each other, powering three separate Redstone components and not have to worry about them interacting with one another!

We have also made a recipe so you can change between the three colours by placing 8 R/G/B dust and an R/G/B dye into the crafting bench!

Whether you are making contraptions in creative or making circuits for your survival, this mod makes more possible without breaking the game in a cheatsy way...

We hope you enjoy!

Big props to GrimGX for doing all the programming for the mod and PsycheGX for textures and help make the concept what it is.

This mod adds the following:

1). Adds Bluestone and Greenstone ores, which generate in the world at 1/3 the amount that Redstone does each.
2). Modifies the amount of redstone generated into the world to 1/3 of its original for the sake of balance.
2). Greenstone and Bluestone ore are mine-able and drop new items, Greenstone Dust and Bluestone Dust. These items can be placed in the same way as Redstone Dust.
3). These dusts can be crafted into blocks, that can provide constant power the same way that Redstone Blocks do.
4). Greenstone and Bluestone blocks can be broken down back into Greenstone Dust and Bluestone Dust.
5). Redstone / Greenstone / Bluestone Dust can be dyed using 8 Redstone Dust / Bluestone Dust / Greenstone Dust surrounding Blue / Green / Red dye to create 9 Greenstone Dust / Redstone Dust / Bluestone Dust!
6). Redstone, Greenstone and Bluestone dust lines do not connect to each other. BEWARE: They are still power-able by each other when one line runs into another, in the same way that a line powers a piston!

Required Fabric and 1.15.x.


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