Reworked Metals

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Reworked Metals

Reworked Metals changes the way furnaces work and how metals are smelted to give the player a better feeling of progression and accomplishment for unlocking new things

Reworked Metals changes Minecraft's smelting system by adding three tiers of furnaces, each of which can smelt different metals.

The mod also adds many new ores, metals and alloys, such as copper, tin, bronze, aluminum, silver, nickel, invar, steel and ruby. Most of them can be used to craft tools and armor of different tiers, others are needed to craft better furnaces.

Some tools and armor sets can even be upgraded with a smithing table to modify their stats.

Check out the wiki for a more detailed description of all the mod's features. The wiki is up to date with version 2.0.2.

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For modpacks

You may use this mod in any modpack, as long as you do not sell it via any means and you give credit to the original author.

ReworkedMetals has a default integration with some of the most common mods that add ores and resources. Read the wiki for a full list.

Support and contribute

ReworkedMetals is currently being developed by a single person, but any help is always appreciated! Contribute here to report a bug or suggest a new feature. If you like the project, I would really appreciate if you decided to support me on Ko-fi!

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