301,376 Downloads Last Updated: May 3, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

- SMP/LAN compatible.
 - Highly configurable - be sure to check Revamp.cfg.
 - Mobs are visible when you're far away, will still be active at farther distances, and will wander more often. (Is more CPU intensive.)
 - Mobs won't stare at you when you are invisible.
 - Can apply name tags and leads to adult villagers, or tempt them with an emerald.
 - Villager path-finding range increased from 16 to 40. Zombie path-finding range REDUCED to 3/4 of the villager path-finding range (so down from 40 to 30 by default). This was primarily to fix the performance problems that occur near villages at night (with or without the mod!).
 - Villagers don't derp around as much at night, the new long-distance pathfinding code gets applied to them so they can better escape the zombies. (NOTE! Can be memory-intensive!)
 - Villagers won't open doors for zombies, and can "hear" them (no line-of-sight needed) -- survive those zombie sieges!
 - Villagers can climb ladders! Mostly. They climb with their arms crossed, so they're pretty clumsy. You can help them, though! See tips section below.
 - Villagers make better use of the doors around them and spread out around the village. They will try to return to the same house night-after-night (assuming no zombies start chasing them..) With a pre-existing village, this may take a few in-game days or require you to manually move villagers to abandoned parts of town.
 - Villagers take advantage of bigger houses and spread around inside instead of clustering near the door.
 - Villagers are better at finding new doors and ignore those they can't actually get to.
 - Villagers require light to stay in a house.
 - Villagers can establish homes underground. If you have a door that cannot see the sky for the 5 blocks on either side, and has a roof of 6 solid blocks, this counts as an underground house. At night, the testificates will move toward the side of the door with the most light (using the same 5 blocks in front and behind the door). Breeding and everything else works just like a regular village.
 - Villagers can have twins.
 - Villagers in non-raining biomes (eg, desert) will not move indoors when it rains during the day.
 - Doors-per-villager setting. No more tacky doors everywhere!
 - Villager-per-Iron Golem setting. Every villager can have a personal body guard! (Requires 21 doors for first golem to spawn.)


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