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Filename ResourcefulBees-1.16.5-
Uploaded by Dawn_Felstar
Uploaded Apr 16, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 3.92 MB
Downloads 11,919
MD5 d1cc2020bc408132765a8e546e76ed04
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----- [] -----

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to breed bees with no feed return item

----- [0.6.7b] -----

  • Added Spider trait, this trait allows bees to pass through spider webs without being slowed.
  • Changed default bees to use various types of flowers
  • Updated chinese translation
  • Added Bottomless Honey Pot, this block allows for voiding of honey with ease.
  • Added 7 more patreon reward textures.
  • Added the ability for each bee to have their apiary output types set individually (e.g. "apiaryOutputTypes" : ["COMB", "COMB", "BLOCK", "COMB"],)
  • Mutations that result or use a bee will now show up in the beepedia breeding tab of that bee
  • Spawn egg item mutations will now show up in the beepedia breeding tab of that bee
  • Added flower and hive positions for bees to TOP display

  • Fixed base layer textures not showing up on additions if the bee had custom colors.

  • Fixed honey generator not sending power to immersive engineering wires.
  • Fixed the NBT tag persistanceRequired not being respected with bee despawning rules.
  • Fixed blocks without items not showing as bee flowers.
  • Fixed entity mutations not working when natural spawns are turned off.
  • Made optimisations for bees finding their flowers.
  • Fixed comb blocks being able to be centrifuged in non multiblock centrifuges.
  • Fixed comb block centrifuge timing.
  • Fixed custom honey/comb recipes not showing up on multiplayer in some cases.
  • Fixed Bees reappearing out of hive makes honeycomb count decrease to miminum of 2.
  • Fixed bee shadows not changing with bee size
  • Fixed a duplication bug
  • Fixed Ender beecon options page in Fifty Shades of Bees not showing up properly
  • Disabled an experimental item.

----- [0.6.6a] -----

  • Added Honey Congealer (honey goes in, blocks come out)
  • added an interface to all honey tanks, you can now input and output honey bottles from the interface
  • doubled the capactity of all honey tanks
  • fixed a bug causing beecons to not save their inventory properly
  • added an extra check to hopefully stop the beepedia from crashing if for SOME reason the comb of a bee suddenly decides to stop existing.
  • added missing angry textures for armoured and crop bees.
  • added kitten bee base texture for use with patreon bees
  • when a bee file breaks it will now crash again, this time with a more detailed crash report stating exactly which bee/honey/trait broke
  • fixed a crash when attempting to toggle a beecon's beam/sound on multiplayer
  • fixed Hive not getting Tier Modifier as a float preventing T2 Hive from having the correct number of combs and bees.
  • fixes for interfaces to hopefully stop them from moving items to other slots in their interfaces when shift clicking an item.
  • baby bees are now immune to despawning

Alpha Features - Honey pipes exist in code but do not work and are purely cosmetic in this patch.

----- [0.6.5b] -----

  • fixed a crash related to centrifuges when it can't find a valid tank
  • cleaned up patchouli effects page

----- [0.6.4b] -----

  • fixed bee box not properly supplying bee with data upon release
  • updated patchouli (#188) (note: beecon gif doesn't work but doesn't crash now)
  • mutation validation logging now displays bee name
  • fixed named colors in bee jsons causing crashes
  • reworked some block interactions
  • hid resource pack from pack selection screen
  • fixed tiered hives not upgrading properly (#189)
  • general code cleanup

----- [0.6.3b] -----

  • fixed fluid crashes in centrifuge
  • changed how bee is accessed from its goals to eliminate possible mixin crashes

----- [0.6.2b] -----

  • fixed stack overflow error caused by custom honey block

----- [0.6.1b] -----

  • fixed jar manifest

----- [0.6.0b] -----


  • removed "defaultChance" AND "defaultWeight" from mutation objects and "chance" from mutation outputs, replaced with "chance" in the main mutation object
  • Simplified mutation types to just BLOCK, ITEM, and ENTITY (BLOCKTOBLOCK, BLOCKTOFLUID, FLUIDTOBLOCK, and FLUIDTOFLUID all now use BLOCK)
  • old mutation types will still work for the time being but when 1.17 hits those old types will be removed.

json { "type": "BLOCK", "inputID" : "minecraft:stone", "chance": 0.25, "outputs": [ {"outputID" : "minecraft:iron_ore", "weight": 20}, {"outputID" : "minecraft:gold_ore", "weight": 10}, {"outputID" : "minecraft:diamond_ore"} ] }


  • Added platforms for hives over lava or water
  • Added DungeonBee texture
  • Bees can now have their min and max y-level for spawning configured
  • Added the Beepedia, this is an item that will allow you to see information about any bee added by this mod
  • you can now have 3 item and 1 fluid output for bee centrifuge output
  • if a recipe uses a custom honey, when no bottles are present the proper honey fluid will deposit to the tank
  • the fluid tanks in the centrifuge will now fill from left to right instead of having each slot allotted a tank (changed to allow for multiple fluid outputs per slot)
  • Added CROP and ARMORED model types, and a template texture for each
  • Added Honey dipper, a tool that will allow you to set a hive and flower manually for bees
  • Added dungeon bee to default bees
  • added advancements
  • added bee box and lost bee box
  • pretty nests can now be upgraded in world to T4 (hives will be removed in 1.17 in favor of this)
  • silk touched hives containing bees can now be used in hive upgrade recipes


  • fixed prismarine hives showing up in ice spikes.
  • a LOT of code clean up, and hopefully some significant performance increases
  • bees should find their flowers easier
  • fixed the chance to get cat spawn eggs from catnip combs
  • fixed catnip honey having too much saturation
  • backend changes to mutations to make them faster to run.
  • smoker now works properly including animations and sneaking
  • bees should no longer randomly die/suffocate
  • hives/apiaries weren't aging bees properly
  • fixed recipe loading in jei which should eliminate some funky behaviors


  • Bee Jars will now clear a bees stored hive and flower position upon release
  • pick block on bee gives spawn egg in creative mode
  • botania flower (polydisiac sp?) will no longer breed our bees

Under the hood there has been tons of code cleanup and general performance fixes/optimizations/null checks etc. Overall the mod should feel much better than it did before. There is like stuff that was fixed/changed/added not listed above. please continue to report any bugs/issues to

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