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Filename refraction-1.1.jar
Uploaded by Demoniaque1
Uploaded Nov 19, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 7.43 MB
Downloads 1,460
MD5 f5c96bba0dd5e09a8e780a71bbd5a3b0
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.9 Versions


  • Fixed spectrometers not showing r g b values
  • Added wormholes generators (AXYZ)
  • Fixed laser pen not producing beam properly
  • Made beams responsive
  • Added more config options
  • Added photon grenades
  • Changed particles of assembly table
  • Added in light bridges and electron exciters
  • Changed accelerate beam to freeze beam for balance
  • Fixed screwdriver not changing angles when not pointing at a block
  • Added translocators that telepose a beam half a block further and teleport AXYZs to their initial pre-piston-pushed positions
  • Possibly introduced an unknown cause of extreme tps lag spikes
  • Fixed bugs with color mixing in the reflection chamber
  • Fixed bug with the optic fibers not absorbing the light from reflection chambers when connected to them properly from certain angles
  • Fixed assembly table not merging beams that go into it
  • Fixed sound manager not managing sounds properly
  • Added sounds for light bridges and grenades
  • Removed a lot of tickables and tile entities! Stuff is much more efficient now
  • Fixed burn beam not burning blocks properly nor burning entities properly
  • Nerfed bonemeal beam
  • Documented the Beam class
  • Added UUIDs to beams
  • Fixed prism intersection planes not refraction beams properly
  • Increased timer for glowstone fuel in lasers. Configurable.
  • Added achievements
  • Fixed lasers producing double beams probably

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