Refined Palette

628 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 7, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +1

Refined Palette aims to be a mod inspired by real world cuisine; everything from farming,
to fishing, and exploring the world to find rare and exotic ingredients to add to your
dishes. This is the biggest part of the core mod features, including many recipes for vanilla
items already in the game, expanding on the food variety. Explore the world to find wild plants
like Strawberries, Rice, and more to be able to create some truly Epic foods!


Thank you for the 200 Downloads!

Download Goal, 100 Downloads.

Download Goat, 200 Downloads.

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Next download goal, 500 Downloads.

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Mod Dev video:




screenshot 3




Recipes: Use JEI for all recipes in game.
Please note, not all recipes and features are introduced into the game in this Alpha version.
If you would like to help support and test the game, the Discord link below will take you to
the Discord channel where Refined Palette is supported. Thank you.


*Credit goes to ScarlettFrost for her help with Juice Bottle textures, Machine icon sprites,
and some other sprites as well as helping with other ideas, etc.


Planned Features:
-Over 500 total food items.
-A Full functional kitchen.
-A full Fishing mechanic complete with recipes and fish spawning around your world.
-Fish Traps that you can place in the water to catch Seafood, like Shrimp, Lobster and Crab.
-Treasures and Rare ingredients that you have to search the world for.
-An expanded Bee and Honey generating Mechanic with new recipes.
-An NPC Villager with custom trades and their own crafting bench and house in the village.
-Structures that spawn around the world containing treasures, rare ingredients, and artifacts.
-Tools and Gear: New fishing poles, a fishing mechanic, and some fishing and chef outfits.
-New cooking mechanics like pickling foods, fermenting vinager, and brewing wines.
-Decorative plants and blocks to decorate and build your dream house.
-And much, much more!


*WARNING: This is an ALPHA build, which means there more than likely will be bugs.
PLEASE Make sure you back-up your world before adding Refined Palette to your world.


-This mod was created with MCreator


-If you would like to join my community as I develop this and other mods, here is the discord link:


-If you would like to support the development of this mod and others, please feel free.


If you want to join the Patreon Community,



Or if you would like to make a one time donation to help assist the development of this mod,



Will you back port this to previous versions?
No, sorry.

Are you working on/Will you port to Fabric?
I dont plan on it, but I could possibly be convinced.

Will you add {feature you dont plan on adding}?
Probably not, but if its a good idea, I might. Unless its guns, then hard no.


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