Redstone Stew

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Unfortunately, this mod is both discontinued and horribly out-dated. Sorry about that.


Are you tired of having too much stone, and not enough food? Well, now you can solve both problems at the same time! Introducing Redstone Stew, the mod that lets you make food out of stone and other materials! It's in a very early stage of development, so keep that in mind. Next Update: Soon TM


SO! What does this mod add? Well, it adds:



Clay Recipe


Flint Hammer

The Flint Hammer is used to make Stone Dust and Blandstone Dust.

Blandstone Dust/Stone Dust




Stofu heals 1 bar of hunger, but should be cooked.

Cooked Stofu

It heals 2 hunger bars.

Blandstone Noodles

They are edible, but only heal 0.5 hunger bars.

Blandstone Spaghetti

It heals 3 hunger bars.

Lapis Stained Spaghetti

It heals 3.5 hunger bars.

Redstone Stew

It heals 4.5 hunger bars. It gives you swiftness 3 for 30 seconds.

Energised Stofu

It heals 3.5 hunger bars and gives you haste 3 for 30 seconds.

Stofu Dinner

It heals 4 hunger bars and gives regeneration for 30 seconds. (50% chance)



Iron Hammer

Used to make Spicestone Dust.

Spicestone Dust


The spicy equivalent of Blandstone Spaghetti. It has a 50% chance of fire resistance for 30 seconds and heals 5 hunger bars.

Iron Crunch

It has a 50% chance of fire resistance for 30 seconds and heals 3 hunger bars.



Gives swiftness 3 for 30 seconds and also jump boost 2 for 30 seconds. It heals 3 hunger bars.

Stofu Pie

Heals 4 hunger bars and gives you fire resistance.

Powderbombs Cereal

Heals 2.5 hunger bars and will (eventually) make you explode. Of course, it doesn't work yet, so this item is essentially useless.


Copper Crunch

Copper fills you with energy, allowing you to hit things harder! (damage boost for 30 seconds, 75% chance) It heals 3 hunger bars.

Aluminum Crunch

Aluminum's unique airtight properties keep the air in your lungs, allowing you to hold your breath for much longer! (water breathing for 30 seconds 75% chance) Heals 3 hunger bars.

Tin Crunch

Tin makes your body feel like armor, allowing you to take more hits! (resistance for 30 seconds 75% chance) Heals 3 hunger bars.


Sugarstone Seeds

These seeds are engineered out of sugar, pumpkin seeds, and flavorless stone. They grow only on stone, and grow into Sugarstone.

Sugarstone Dust

The dust made out of sugarstone. It is only used in crafting, and nothing else.

Sugarstone Pie

A delicious pie made of Sugarstone and Blandstone. It heals 5 whole hunger bars, but heals no saturation, so it's not a good idea to eat before sprinting. It gives you jump boost and swiftness.

Rock Candy

Made out of stones and dust, this candy is really crunchy. It only heals 1.5 hunger bars, but is relatively easy to get. It gives you haste.

Gilded Cake

A cake made out of gold, and entirely delicious. Too delicious to put down. Eating it makes it hard to see, due to the sheer shininess. As a side effect, nobody can see you either. It heals 5 hunger bars.

Energised Cake

A cake enhanced with redstone and sugarstone. It's even sweeter than the gilded cake, because it is made out of it. It lost it's shininess, but now fills you with energy, allowing you to do everything faster. It heals 5 hunger bars.

Lapis Freeze

An ice cold treat made of lapis. Freezes the air in your lungs, letting you breathe underwater. It also freezes the light in your eyes, letting you see in the dark. It heals 2.5 hunger bars.


Next Major Update will include a new food tier! Make some salty new dishes out of diamond and obsidian!

Once this mod reaches version 1.0, I will be updating to 1.10.2 and 1.12.2!





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