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A mod that thinks 15 is not high enough.

Made for ModFest: Singularity in August of 2022. If I don't maintain this, forgive me.

What does it do?

This mod adds sources that provide a Redstone signal higher than 15, and steps up your normal Redstone to meet the task.

It also adds device(s) (only one at the writing of this README) that produce extraordinary effects when provided with high enough Redstone signals. You can (eventually) find information about all of these items in the Documentation section of the GitHub repository.

How does it work?

There are various (read: one) different blocks that can help you generate Redstone signals higher than 15, and similarly "various" Furnace Heater that utilize these heightened signals.

Redstone transmits similarly but differently at strengths above 15. You can read more in the documentation section, but the long and short of it is that it will transmit horizontally up to one block up or down.

Why is it orange?

Because Redstone is already pretty red, and I didn't want it to look the same.

Can I use this in modpacks?

Of course! Credit if you'd like, but I'm just happy to have people playing with my mods.


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