Red Options

479 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 11, 2021 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1

This mod is supposed to turn complex things into a simple version.


Mod contents:



Red Hopper

Hopper with filter. You can select 9 items to filter (weapons, tools, potions works too).


Red Clock

Use this to delay turning output on, delay turning output off  or make output pulsed.

A simple pulse at its input will start a counter (configurable up to 90 minutes!)

Now, your circuits will be a lot easer and smallest as possible!


Red Container Changes Check

This sensor will check if items inside a container (chest, hopper, etc. ) start changing and when it stops (for +/- 3 seconds), it will pulse the output

This is ideal to use in load/unload systems! Very very small and easy as possible!


Red Detector

This sensor works likes the observer, the difference is that it detects only when a block appears (not block changes). So, you can use it in pumpkin farms, vertical redstone vertical signals, etc.

This block will detect any new block 15 blocks away, but only the first one is detected, and to detect again, you need to remove all blocks first.


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