Villager Recruits

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Recruit Villagers and command them like in M&B Bannerlord!




  • Hireable Villagers with emeralds
  • Guis to command and manage your Recruits
  • pvp compatiblity
  • Smart Eating / Healing and Potion using AI
  • Best Blocking AI
  • Groups to Command a big army at once
  • Listening/Ignoring commands to make Town Guards
  • Village Spawning
  • Disbanding
  • Configure everthing you want!
  • more comming soon!





Buy the new Profession Blocks from a Armorer or a Weaponsmith, both need to be level 2.

Place the Profession Block and wait, untill a unemployed Villager, change its Profession to a new Recruit.


To command the Recruits, you need to hire them first:

get enough Emeralds in your Hand and Right click a Recruit.


Currently there are 3 types of Recruits

  1. Recruit
  2. Bowman
  3. Recruit-Shieldman







R - open Command Gui

Crouch-Right-Click to open the recruit Gui




  • Follow - Recruit will follow you
  • Hold here- Recruit will hold the position you are currently on
  • Hold Pos - Recruit will hold the position he is currently on
  • Back to Pos - Recruit will go back to the position he previous was
  • Release - Recruit is free to move anywhere
  • Neutral - Recruit attacks all hostile mobs only
  • Aggressive - Recruit attacks Players too
  • Raid - Recruit attacks all living
  • Clear Targets - Stops Attacking the current Target.



Hold here:



Back to position: 





Hold your Position:




Recruits healing / eating:


 Recruits using shield:


 Recruits using potions:




Bowman AI:



Other (configurable):

  • Recruits are Spawning instead of Iron Golems
  • Pillager can now spawn naturally
  • Pillager has now a increased Combat Range
  • Pillager can now spawn with Sword and Shield
  • Vindicator can now spawn with Sword and Shield
  • Monsters and Pillagers can attack each other
  • Pillager friendly fire can be turned on/off
  • Pillager do Raid naturally
  • Quick Start Raid with throwing Ominous-Banner into Fire.
  • The amount of Recruits per Player is configurable
  • The amount of Recruits per Village-chunk to spawn is configurable
  • The amount of XP a Recruit needs for Level-Up is configurable
  • The distance at Recruits will start to follow is configurable



 Comming soon:

  • nomad / horse riding //already in but buggy
  • crossbow
  • village structures
  • biome type skins
  • shields up/down command
  • hold fire/ fire command (archers use their melee weapon)



Known Bugs: 





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