Recipes for Destruction

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2017 Game Version: 1.9.4


Sep 13, 2017

Owner: ChakatStormCloud

Tired of having to stock pile chests of dirt just to fill in the holes left by creepers?

This changes explosions so that they will always drop what they destroy.... in some form or another. For see, an explosion doesn't just leave things untouched, it'll shred and tear things to rubble, splinters, and dust!


Start with a furnace, chest, and a work bench.


See? Cobble, planks, gravel, and sticks!


On the topic of rights and modpacks:

The mod is mine, I made it. Don't go claiming it's yours, and don't go posting it anywhere else.

If you want to make a spotlight or video of the mod, tell me, mention me, and put links to the mod.


As for modpacks:

Private packs: Go for it, tell me if you're having any issues with it.

Publicly listed packs: Tell me. leave credit and links in a list somewhere, and try to use a modpack client that downloads the mod from curseforge every time. (like Forge, Curse/Twitch, and I think a few others have that ability now.)


On the forum: [1.9.4] Recipes for Destruction




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