Recipe Commands (Fabric)

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Requires the library mod Collective (Fabric) and the Fabric API.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Recipe Commands is a mod which implements a non-intrusive way to find the ingredients and pattern of any recipe in the game. Just use the command /recipes (or /rec for short) followed with the item name. Auto-complete is supported to easily find the exact name. Useful for new players to learn about recipes without leaving the game, or for veterans who forgot that uncommon item recipe.

The underscore ( _ ) in the displayed pattern is an empty space.

/recipes <recipe> - Shows the ingredients and pattern of the recipe.
/rec <recipe>
- Shows the ingredients and pattern of the recipe.

The /recipes command with the autocompletable recipes:

The recipe of a piston:

The recipe of a redstone repeater:

The recipe of an arrow:

The recipe of an ender chest:

The recipe of an acacia boat:

The recipe of an armour stand: