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Ever wanted to play Russian Roulette in Minecraft?  Want to learn how actually fire and load a gun?

This mod adds guns along with gun mechanics, no "Press 'R' to reload".  You have to go through every step in the reload process manually.  But this allows you to do anything you would be able to do with a real gun.


Adds gun mechanics from the game Receiver, currently 6 guns are added, more are planned.


Comment in the comments if you want me to add a development branch (with unfinished features)


This is my first mod.


Small Showcase


Showcase by WolfireGames, the publilsher/dev who made the game Receiver which this mod is based off of




        - Colt 1911 (Model by Blaez)

        - Colt 1911 Mag (Model by Blaez)

        - .45 Bullet (Model by Blaez)

        - Bolt action rifle

        - .22 Bullet (Model by Blaez)

        - Glock 17 (sounds from Yezgromafic)

        - Glock 17 Mag

        - Thompson M1A1 (Model by Blaez)

        - Thompson M1A1 mag (Model by Blaez)

        - S&W Model 10 (Model by Blaez)

        - Remington 870 (Model by Laura)

        - Shotgun Shell (Model by Laura)

        - Frag Grenade (Model by Blaez)



        - Bullet Crafter (Model by Laura)

                * Recipes: Casing; Redstone; Gunpowder; Iron

                        (counts depends on Casing used)



        - Turret

        - Target



        - Custom Dimension

        - Custom Structures



        - Colt 1911/Glock 17/Thompson M1A1

                * R: Pull back slide/remove bullet from clip

                * T: Slide lock (hold T then R to check chamber, hold R hold T release R release T to lock slide back, press R or T to release lock)

                * G: Remove clip

                * Z: Insert clip/add bullet to clip

                * F: Swap main hand and off hand (used to swap the gun with the clip)

                * (Glock 17/Thompson M1A1) V, switch between full auto and semi auto

        - Rifle

                * G: Lift bolt up/push bolt down

                * R: Pull back bolt/push bolt forward

                * Z: Add bullet

        - Remington 870

                * G: Insert shells mode

                * R: Chamber next shell

                * Z: Insert shell

        - S&W Model 10

                * G: Open cylinder

                * Z: Insert cartridge

                * R: Remove cartridge or casing

                * V: Pull back hammer

                * Shift + Scroll: Spin cylinder



Planed additions

        - more guns

                Mauser C96


                H&K USP Compact

                L85A2, M4A1, SCAR-H

                P90, MP5, SPAS-12, AUG




Next update

         I got a model for a .44 Magnum, but it needs some work still, so it may or may not get added any time soon

sneak peak of what I have been working on since last update (I know it's been a while)

( also note the file name :) )



Leave suggestions in the comments and I might add them.


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