Recall Potion





This mod adds a single item. The Recall Potion :                                        




Have you ever been lost in the deepest caves without being able to find your way back to the surface ?

Have you ever been lost in the Nether running away from Piglins and couldn't find you Portal to the Overworld ?

Did you just travelled a few thousand blocks looking for a specific biome and don't wan't to walk all the way back ?

Or did you just entered the End, and start realising that you won't survive the Dragon fight ?


Do not look any further : The Recall Potion allows you to teleport back home safely


Teleportation is possible from any dimension, and will bring you back to your bed.


The recipe is as follow  :

Simply add a Sunflower to Awkward Potions in a Brewing stand :



 For your safety, always keep 1 Recall Potion in your inventory at all time.