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Realm of Magnis

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Explore the world of Magnis: A brand new dimension consisting of ALL biomes in the game, including structures, mobs and even Nether / End biomes. All spread across floating islands, which gives a unique survival experience with high risk and high reward!



How do I get to the Realm of Magnis?

Accessing the new dimension is simple:


1. Locate a Magnis Biome in your world. These generate naturally and are about as rare as any other biome. Within you will find orange trees, magnis flowers, llamas and in dark places; vindicators spawn naturally and frequently.


2. Within the Magnis Biome, Magnis Ore spawns underground with about the same rarity as redstone or gold. 


3. Smelt the Magnis Ore to get Magnis Ingots, which can be used to craft items and Magnis Blocks.


4. Use 4 Magnis Ingots to create a Magnis Block, which you can then assemble (10 blocks or more required) in the same pattern as a regular Nether portal to create the portal frame.


5. Next, create the Magnis Portal Igniter by combining 4 Magnis Ingots with an Eye of Ender in the middle and right click on the portal frame to ignite the portal! Step inside and you will be transported to the Realm of Magnis.



Magnis Sword:
The Magnis Sword can be created with a Diamond Sword and 8 Magnis Ingots. It does slightly more damage than a regular Diamond Sword and also has a 10% chance of smiting the enemy with a lightning strike (the lightning does not harm the player using the sword and does not put the environment on fire, don't worry).


Magnifico Music Disc:

This a unique rare music disc with a new song called "Magnifico". You can find it in any lootable chest, but they can also be found in one of the three new custom structures added by this mod! (These structures are very rare though, and come in the form of an abandoned Pirate Ship, an abandoned house in the woods and a small wooden shack)


Magnis Portal Igniter:

This item is used to light the portal to the Realm of Magnis. You can craft it using 4 Magnis Ingots and one Eye of Ender.



Magnis Armor

Helmet: Grants night vision

Chestplate: Grants mining speed

Leggings: Grants Movement Speed

Boots: Grants Jump Height

Durability: Above iron.

Enchantability: Like diamond gear (not as good as gold).

Knockback resistance: 1.5 (higher than diamond, lower than netherite).





"I entered the portal but there are no floating islands?"

This is because the island generation uses the same code base as that of The End dimension. Which means there is a portion near the spawn point (From ~200 blocks to ~1000 blocks from 0,0 in any direction) where there will be no islands, only mesa walls and other structures (like strongholds, ocean temples etc). Go 800 blocks in any direction from 0,0 in the Realm of Magnis and you will encounter floating islands again!


Can I use this in modpacks?

Sure! Just credit me somewhere and it's totally fine.

Enjoy! :]


Psst! I make more mods which you can find on my website here!


Feel free to join my Discord for support, general inquiries or to talk with me personally!