Realistic Minerals


The Realistic Mineral mod has 20+ ores that add the excitement back to mining! We all love to mine for diamonds but we can all agree that it becomes boring at times. With all these new minerals to discover and more tools, weapons, armor, and blocks to craft, mining will be so much more exciting.


Ores currently in the mod:


-Amazonite (common)

-Garnet (common)

-Black Tourmaline (common)

-Aquamarine (common)

-Fluorite (uncommon)

-Morganite (rare)

-Alexandrite (rare)

-Ruby (very rare)

-Sapphire (very rare)

-Topaz (very rare)

-White Opal (very rare)

-Blue Opal (very rare)

-Fire Opal (very rare)

-Black Opal (very rare)

-Bixbite (extremely rare)

-Black Diamond (extremely rare)


Nether: -Citrine (uncommon)

-Rose Quartz (uncommon)

-Aventurine (uncommon)

-Smoky Quartz (uncommon)

-Amethyst (uncommon)


There are various decorative blocks that correspond to the added nether quartz ores and common overworld ores.


Available for Minecraft version 1.12.2