Realistic Explosives !!IC2-EXP ADDON!!

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Realistic Explosives!
And thats what its all about. Naah, its more than just blowing things up.
Its also about basic chemistry (which is needed to craft most explosives)
and a bit of a simulator. Later on there may be long range weapons added.
This mod is still work-in-progress, but there are about 20 useable explosives!
So this mod works fine in creative and survival mode. There are just not all explosives
craftable in SP.
How explosives work:
There are 4 kinds of explosives.
  1. primary. These are mostly unstable and easy to ignite.
  2. secondary. Most explosives need initial explosives to fuse.
  3. misc. Some (weak) explosives dont need initials.
  4. booster, strong but as sensitive as primary
You may use "/syn list" ingame, to view a list of all RE items. Then you could type "/syn APEX"
to see which components you need in the reaction vessel to produce that.

I suggest using the latest minecraft forge! Also "craftguide" is very helpful for this mod!

Please leave a review (comment) if you like or dont like this mod

since v 1.4 this is an IC2 addon!


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