Realistic Block Physics


Are you tired of the unrealistic building mechanics Minecraft has to offer? Perhaps you just want to wreak havoc and watch some buildings crumble? If so, this is probably the mod for you!

Realistic Block Physics is a realistic overhaul of Minecraft's building mechanics that will add a new sense of challenge and immersion into your worlds. Each block has been given its own unique physics definition that defines its mass, ability to support other blocks, fragility, and many other attributes. Gone are the days of random floating blocks and those unrealistically constructed buildings, as you are now required to undergo logical construction to ensure your structures don't collapse. Exploring caves are also deemed more dangerous, as mining the wrong block could end up causing their ceilings to collapse!


Key Features

  • Realistic Construction: Blocks and structures will fall if they are not correctly supported
  • Mod Compatibility: Blocks from other mods are also supported (requires activation in the configuration file)
  • Risky Cave Exploring: Cave exploring now poses more of a risk as ceilings have the potential to collapse
  • Performance: Performance has become a key priority to ensure this mod can function on a variety of systems
  • Lots of Customization: Highly customizable configuration files are provided so that you can tweak just about anything
  • Disable Vanilla Physics: This mod can also be used to completely disable Vanilla falling block physics


Related Mods

• Realistic Explosion Physics [https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/realistic-explosion-physics]


Important Notes

  • Please make a backup of any existing worlds you decide to use this mod on
  • Please check the changelog for each release in case of changes that may affect your world



[Q] Will you be updating this mod to newer versions of Minecraft?

[A] I will be at some point.


[Q] Will there be a Fabric version?

[A] Possibly, but not for a while yet.


[Q] Where are the configuration files?

[A] The configuration files are located in the "config/rbp" folder of your Minecraft directory.


[Q] How do I enable support for modded blocks?

[A] You'll either have to enable 'ApplyDefaultBlocks' in the main configuration file, or create custom block definitions for the blocks you wish to add support for.


[Q] How do I enable support for modded dimensions?

[A] You'll either have to enable 'ApplyDefaultWorlds' in the main configuration file, or create custom world definitions for the dimensions you wish to add support for.


[Q] How do I speed up the process of falling structures?

[A] There are many options within the "performance" section of the main configuration file you can tweak to achieve this.


[Q] Can I use this mod in my public modpack?

[A] Of course, as long as it is hosted on CurseForge.


Physics Definition Attributes

  • BeamStrength: The strength of the block[s] as a beam supporting blocks above.
  • Blocks: A list of block IDs to be affected by this definition
  • BreakChanceOnLanded: The chance of the block[s] breaking after falling and landing
  • BreakOnFalling: Whether the block[s] should break instead of falling
  • BreakVelocityMinOnLanded: The velocity at which the block[s] must be falling at before they have a chance of breaking
  • EntityDamage: The damage the block[s] will cause to entities after falling and landing on them
  • FakeFullBlock: Whether the block[s] should have a fake full-block collision box
  • FloatsOnWater: Whether the block[s] will float if there is a water block beneath
  • IsAttachable: Whether the block[s] should be allowed to horizontally attach to other blocks
  • IsHangable: Whether the block[s] should be allowed to vertically attach to other blocks
  • Mass: The mass of the block[s], in kilograms
  • ReceivesChunkUpdates: Whether the block[s] will receive chunk updates
  • ReceivesNeighbourUpdates: Whether the block[s] will receive neighbouring block updates
  • SlideChanceOnLanded: The chance of the block[s] sliding after falling and landing
  • SlideChanceOnPlaced: The chance of the block[s] sliding after being placed by an entity
  • SupportMass: The maximum mass the block[s] can support horizontally and vertically


Physics Engines

Default [Medium performance]:

  • The most realistic experience

Legacy [Fastest performance]:

  • The old engine used in versions prior to [1.12.2-2.0.0]
  • Mainly used for compatibility

Simple [Slowest performance]:

  • A more casual experience
  • Blocks will only fall if not connected to the ground