Realistic Block Physics


Are you tired of the unrealistic building mechanics Minecraft has to offer? Perhaps you just want to wreak havoc and watch some buildings crumble? If so, this is probably the mod for you!

Realistic Block Physics is a realistic overhaul of Minecraft's building mechanics that will add a new sense of challenge and immersion into your worlds. Each block has been given its own unique physics definition that defines its mass, ability to support other blocks, fragility, and many other attributes. Exploring caves are also deemed more dangerous, as mining the wrong block could end up causing their ceilings to collapse!


Physics Engines

Multiple physics engines are also available, depending on whether you want a more realistic or casual experience.   

  • Realistic: The most realistic experience (obviously).
  • Simple: A much more casual experience. Blocks will only fall if they are not connected to anything.
  • Legacy: The old physics engine used in versions prior to 1.12.2-2.0.0.


Key Features

Logical Construction Required

Blocks and structures will fall if they are not correctly supported (depending on the physics engine).

Mod Compatibility

Blocks from other mods are also supported (requires activation in the configuration file).

Cave Strengthening Algorithm

A new cave strengthening algorithm has been developed to help prevent large caves from collapsing in on themselves. However, bear in mind that cave-ins and landslides are still possible.


Performance has become a key priority to ensure this mod can function on a variety of systems, with configuration available.

Lots of Customisation

Highly customisable configuration files are provided so that you can tweak just about anything

Override Vanilla Physics

This mod can also be used to alter or completely disable Vanilla falling block physics


Related Mods

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Important Notes

  • Please make a backup of any existing worlds you decide to use this mod on
  • Please check the changelog for each release in case of changes that may affect your world