Realistic Bees (Forge)

65,787 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 8, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1


Requires the library mod Collective.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Realistic Bees is a mod which attempts to make bee behaviour more realistic without adding new items or objects to the game. Bees are 25% of their normal size. Whenever a bee stings a player or entity, it has a chance to leave its stinger behind. When this happens, the bee will be frozen in place and unfortunately not live a long life anymore. In real life, a stinger won't always be left behind when a bee stings. When it does though, the bee's abdomen is taken out too. This is fatal for the bee.

When the stinger is left behind, it will continue to pump poison into its victim. It's possible for players to take the stinger out by using a pair of shears to function as some tweezers. Otherwise the stinger will stop pumping after 30 seconds by default.

To make bees a little less uncommon, the mod also adds a config value (by default 4) which defines the extra amount of bees that spawn after each natural bee spawn.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
beeSizeModifier (default = 0.25, min 0.01, max 5.0): This value determines the size of a bee. By default 0.25, which means they are 1/4th of their vanilla size. Set to 1.0 to disable the different bee size feature.

beesDieFromStingingPlayer (default = true): When enabled, bees die after stinging a player. This takes roughly a few minutes.

beesDieFromStingingMob (default = true): When enabled, bees die after stinging a mob. This takes roughly a few minutes.
beesLeaveTheirStinger (default = true): After a bee stings, it has a chance to leave its stinger inside the entity. It must be pulled out.
sendStungPlayerWithStingerAMessage (default = true): After a bee stings a player and its stinger is left behind, send the player a message.

chanceBeeLeavesItsStinger (default = 0.33, min 0, max 1.0): The chance the bee's stinger lodges in the stung entity, resulting in death.
chanceBeeStingerIsPulledOut (default = 0.5, min 0, max 1.0): The chance the bee's stinger is pulled out by a player after right-clicking shears.

timeInSecondsStingerPumpsPoison (default = 30, min 0, max 300): The time in seconds a stinger that's left in an entity continues to pump poison.
timeInSecondsBeeWithoutStingerDies (default = 60, min 0, max 600): The time in a seconds after a bee without its stinger dies.

extraBeeSpawnsPerBee (default = 9, min 0, max 50): In order to make bees a little more common. Whenever a bee naturally spawns, the mod spawns an additional 'extraBeeSpawnsPerBee' bees.

Version 2.0 makes bees tiny! --or bigger. Depending on the beeSizeModifier config:

Here you see a bee who has lost its stinger. It'll have particle effects surrounding it and lives by default another minute only.

The bee passing away after a minute.

Configurably players can receive messages when being stung with a stinger left behind.

Using shears to take out the stinger(s). Those blocky hands are unable to do it without a tool.

You can also wait for the stinger to stop pumping.

When one bee spawns, more aren't very far away. The amount is defined in the config.

More bees!