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The mod is an addon to industrial craft that adds reactor related stuff like more fuel types.


WARNING: If you don't use Optifine you have to enable the glowing ores in the config! 


Table of contents:



The mod adds 4 ores: Uranium, Thorium, Blazonium and Terminium which have the ability to glow in the dark without emitting light.

Blazonium can be found in the Nether. It is quite rare but it is easy to spot. It will burn any entity that steps on it.

Terminium can be found in the End. It is quite common compared to the other ones. It will teleport entities that step on it. It also has the ability to teleport itself, swapping place with a normal end stone block. It will do this more often when exposed to water.



EU: 2.5 (0.5x)

Heat: 2 (0.5x)

Cycles: 40K (2x)

Thorium fuel produces half the heat and EU of Uranium fuel but lasts twice as long. Due to lower heat, higher efficiencies are easier to achieve. Depleted Thorium produces a new isotope of uranium: U233, which can replace U235 in recipes. Thorium is a breeder fuel as more U233 is produced than it is consumed.


Depleted isotope:

EU: 0

Heat: 0

Cycles: 40K/80K/160K (2x/4x/8x) Or 20K/40K/80K (1x/2x/4x) If Heat > 50%

This is the breeder uranium from pre-experimental versions of ic2. When placed next to fuel rods it will cause them to heat up without increasing the power generated. After receiving enough neutron pulses it will finish breeding and be able to be processed into plutonium.

It requires 40K/80K/160K neutron pulses for single/dual/quad rods but that requirement is halved if the rector is over 50% heat. As a reference, uranium fuel has a lifetime of 20K cycles.



The mod changes the recipe for mox fuel to require nuggets instead of ingots of plutonium. It also makes it produce something new: americium


Americium-Beryllium Neutron Source:

Type: Reflector

Durability: ∞

The AmBe neutron source works like the iridium reflector. It boosts nearby fuel rods without producing heat itself. The Beryllium is made from emeralds.



EU: 5/3.75/2.5/1.25 (1x/0.75x/0.5x/0.25x) For Heat <20%/<40%/<60%/<80%

Heat: 4/3/2/1 (1x/0.75x/0.5x/0.25x) For Heat <20%/<40%/<60%/<80%

Cycles: 15K/20K/30K/60K (0.75x/1x/1.5x/3x) For Heat <20%/<40%/<60%/<80%

TRIGA fuel is a version of uranium that throttles itself down as core heat increases so a reactor running on TRIGA cannot blow up. The disadvantage is that is has a lower lifespan than normal uranium. Note that components can still melt if they cannot exchange heat with the core.  



EU: 10 (2x)

Heat: 2 (0.5x)

Cycles: 200K/400K/800K (10x/20x/40x)

Elerium is the super-fuel used to power flying saucers. Crystals can sometimes be found in ancient pyramids. Not only it generates twice the power and half the heat of uranium at 10 times the lifespan but it is also not radioactive. However elerium can not sustain a chain reaction and must be bombarded with neutrons from an outside source. This means dual and quad cells do not increase the power but the lifespan. Upon its depletion it will leave behind samples of the element Lawrencium.



EU: 10 (2x)

Heat: 8 (2x)

Cycles: 30K (1.5x)

Terminium is a special element only found in the end where it is quite common. Similar to uranium it comes in 2 isotopes: Tr252 and Tr254. Tr254 is fissile. It it twice as good as uranium and lasts 50% longer. It produces californium as a byproduct which can be used in RTGs. It is slightly better than americium. Depleted Terminium produces Californium which serves the same role as Americium.




EU: 5-45 (1x-9x)

Heat: 16-32 (4x-8x)

Cycles: 10K (0.5x)

Blazonium is made of the condensed wrath of the nether realm. Similar to MOX the energy produced goes up with core heat, up to 9x as opposed to 5x MOX offers. It has a slight exponential component to it. In a fluid reactor it simple doubles heat output when core heat is above 50%. Depleted Blazonium fully converts its U238 filler to plutonium, producing it at 3x the speed of MOX.



Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators:

Plutonium: 8 RF/t

Americium: 2 RF/t

Lawrencium: 20 RF/t

Californium: 3 RF/t

RTGs are a small but constant source of power that requires no maintenance. They output power from the bottom and can be stacked on top of each other as well as placed in any orientation. They only produce RF as the EU system is too complicated.



Durabillity: 200 (less then Iron)

Mining Speed: 5 (Iron is 6)

Mining Power: 2 (Iron)

Attack Damage: 9 (axe)

Attack Speed: 1 (axe)

By combining combining thorium ingots with glowstone a special hammer can be created.

Mjolnir works both like a pick and weapon, including when enchanting. However its special ability is to summon lightning. When enchanted with Power, upon right-click it will cause the block you are looking at to get struck by lightning. The damage dealt is 5*level of the Power enchant and has a range of 3 blocks. The durability taken by this action is the level of the Power enchant. The user wont be damaged by its own lightning and the ground will not be set on fire.


Terminium Tools:

Durability: 750 (Iron is 250)

Mining Speed: 9 (Diamond is 8)

Mining Level: 3 (Diamond)

Attack Damage: 8 (Diamond is 7)

Tools made from terminium will teleport any blocks you break into your inventory. The terminium pick is also great at breaking obsidian.



Blazonium Tools:

Durability: 1024 (Diamond is 1500)

Mining Speed: 7 (Iron is 6)

Mining Level: 3 (Diamond)

Attack Damage: 6.5 (Iron is 6)

Tools made from blazonium will smelt blocks you mine with them and entities will be set ablaze. 



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