Ravenous Void

1,961 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 27, 2019


A Story Heavy magic mod in which you discover new forms of power and a new dimension. As you learn to control your new power and explore the story shows what happen to this ancient realm. The mod book leads you through the current content in story-driven way. Written to make you feel engaged and involved as you work through the mod. The goal of this mod is to have a magic system that feels more solid with explanations on why it works the way it does. With a full storyline already written that with unfold as I finish the mod.


Tested with a major mod pack with no interaction issues. The only dependency is Minecraft Forge for 1.12.2




  - 1 new ore

  - Several crafting materials and patterns that you get form following the story.

  - Several usable items, armor, and tools.

  - Several crafting and functional blocks.

  - A new Dimension with a detailed story.

  - Several new mobs, you can summon, or that exist in the new dimension.

  - Spawned Structures in a new dimension.



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