Cool Stuff n' things: Everything I ever wanted


This mod is a mod where I will add whatever funny thing I think I want. It could be a new boss, a new weapon, 10 new mobs, a whole new biome, it doesn't matter. I will add whatever I want. Suggestions are allowed, but I might not see them, even if I do I may not add them, 


Currently will add a bunch of things from Dragonball. But in the future will range from all sorts of things. 

As of now there is multiple dragonball related bosses each with unique drops. 

Multiple new weapons and new gear types

Energy blasts not dissimilar to the ones in Dragonball

New Trades with villagers 

New non natural wood type


Currently working on:

Structures for bosses

New Biomes


Loosely based off of https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mod-that-is-hilarious-and-unusual . This mod gave me the idea and I highly recommend it. #NotSponsored