Randomite Ore

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Randomite Ore



Most Recent Update: 1.3.0 - MAKE SURE TO DELETE randomore.cfg WHEN UPDATING!

Update notes are now going to be kept on the Releases section of the GitHub page.

The current update is 1.3.0, which adds a Stable whitelist for Randomite Ore.


Simple mod that adds 1 new item and 2 blocks, Unstable Powder, Randomite Ore, and Nether Randomite Ore.


This is my first mod and I figured I would try something simple, there used to be a mod on the Minecraft Forums similar to this, and I couldn't find anything like it for MC1.10+, so I gave it a go. I hope to be updating this with more configuration options in my free time.


Unstable Powder


Unstable Powder used to craft Randomite Ore, this was added for those who have already had their world generated but still want Randomite.


Randomite Ore

Randomite Ore is a unique ore block that breaks into a random amount of a single ore.

Possible ore drops include: Coal, Iron, Diamond, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, End Pearls, and Unstable Powder.

Alternatively if randomiteOreStable is set to False in the config file, the ore will drop a random amount of random ores from it's ore drop list.


Nether Randomite Ore

Exactly the same as it's overworld counterpart, except Lapis and Redstone have been replaced with Quartz.

Possible ore drops include: Coal, Iron, Diamond, Gold, Quartz, End Pearls, and Unstable Powder.

Nether Randomite Ore can also be set to unstable mode.






Unstable Ore

Randomite Ore

Nether Randomite Ore


Unstable Powder

Randomite Ore


Nether Randomite Ore

Same as 1.3.

1.1 Nether Randomite was 1 Randomite Ore surrounded by 8 Netherrack.


Configuration details can now be found over at the GitHub Wiki for the mod.


Any type of feedback is welcome, I tried to find all the issues I could with it, but may have missed some. 


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