RandomBlocksMod The Randomest Mod Ever!

2,014 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 3, 2014 Game Version: 1.7.10

This Mod Adds In Blocks, Items And Mobs, A New Diemsnsion And A /explode Command.



Mnecraft368 {Owner}

TheThunderFang {Owners Brother}

DanTDM {3mil Subs Youtuber     http://www.youtube.com/thediamondminecart}


Poison {Food Thats MENT To Poison You When You Eat It But Its Broken :(btw Does 2hp Of Damage When You Craft It}

Random Lighter {Lights The Portal To The "Diamond Dimesion" You Guessed Right, The Portal's Made Out Of Diamond Blocks}

Lightning Spawner {Right Click A Bock And BANG... Lightning Comes Out}


Diamond/Emerald/Iron/Redstone/G-Apple Generators {Right Click One Of These Blocks And You Get 10 Diamond Blocks From Diamon And You Can Guess The Rest Cos Im Not Botherd To Type Them All Lol}

No Textured Block

Warning Block

RandomGUI Laucher {Opens A Random GUI I Dont Know Why I Added}

I Cant Rerember If Theres More Lol Just Check Out The Website I Made


 This shows me how many people check out my mod :)

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