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Random Village Names

Requires the library mod Collective and the GUI mod Areas.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Random Village Names is a mod which gives all villages in the world a random name chosen from a preset list. This name is given via a sign in the center of the village, see the description of Areas for more information on how this is done. It'll give your world a bit more immersion. It is possible to remove the sign and rename it, or remove the name altogether by placing an empty sign in its position.

The Areas mod has specific config options if you'd for example like to remove the "Entering" part of the displayed text.

You can also remove the automatically generated sign and place your own. Just make sure it's within a 15 block radius of the automated one.

/areas - Shows all area signs, which contains the village name, around the player.


Example GIFs:




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