Random Things

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Filename RandomThings-MC1.11.2-4.0.jar
Uploaded by Lumien231
Uploaded Jun 14, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 1.86 MB
Downloads 69,575
MD5 8735b08d0fc078ec44296b2191819015
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions
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Java 8
Java 7
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  • Added: Rune Pattern, used to copy rune patterns more easily.
  • Added: Slime Cube, allows / forbids Slimes spawning in the chunk it's in.
  • Changed: Light Redirector Material so you don't need a pickaxe to break them.
  • Changed: Made Entity Detector GUI a bit smaller / compact.
  • Changed: MCP Mappings are now read from the gradle cache if possible so rt doesn't require a mcp folder in dev environments anymore.
  • Changed: Sakanade Spores now generate on brown mushrooms in ALL biomes.
  • Changed: Removed the Collapse Imbue & Moved the Collapse Effect into a Potion Effect.
  • Changed: Fluid Displays can now be rotated by shift right clicking them.
  • Changed: The Spectre Dimension now uses its own unique biome instead of the vanilla hell biome.
  • Fixed: Gave Tilled Fertilized Dirt an Item Model for Display Purposes.
  • Fixed: Tilled Fertilized Dirt now drops normal Fertilized Dirt when silktouched.
  • Fixed: Beetroots getting immediately destroyed after an update on Fertilized Dirt.
  • Fixed: The Fluid Display works with modded fluids again and is also correctly colored.
  • Fixed: Removed Item Block from Rune Block to prevent crashes if somehow created.
  • Fixed: Item Collectors now only increase their tickrate if they actual collect something.
  • Fixed: Cascading Worldgen
  • Fixed: Crash when using a Entity Filter on a player and putting it into an Entity Detector.
  • Removed: Fertilized Dirt Bonemeal Effect