Random Things

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Filename RandomThings-MC1.11.2-3.8.1.jar
Uploaded by Lumien231
Uploaded Mar 23, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 1.83 MB
Downloads 62,142
MD5 a0623cdaa7d6e69f1b0d1e4b1832cff6
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions
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Java 8


  • Added: Worldgen Config Options for Dungeon Loot
  • Added: Spectre Pickaxe / Axe / Shovel
  • Added: Inventory Rerouter
  • Added: (For now decorative) Runic Dust that can be placed on top of other blocks to create patterns.
  • Added: Short JEI Description for almost all blocks / items in Random Things
  • Changed: Holding Shift while looking at a summoning pendulum now lists the entities that are inside it.
  • Changed: Decreased Bean Sprout texture saturation.
  • Changed: A Block Breaker will now automatically output the drops of the block it mines into inventories behind it.
  • Changed: Redstone Interfaces now cache their redstone state which hopefully results in better performance & less sync issues.
  • Changed: Player Interfaces now use IItemHandler and should be more reliable on player login / logout.
  • Changed: The North Side of Player Interfaces now points to the "shield slot" of players.
  • Changed: (Filtered) Item Redirectors are now omnidirectional
  • Changed: Item Redirector recipe
  • Fixed: Not being able to place sugar cane on colored grass.
  • Fixed: Model Errors on startup
  • Fixed: Right clicking a pitcher plant with a stack of fluid containers would consume them all and only return 1 filled.
  • Fixed: Nature Core Generation possibly causing more chunks to generate.
  • Fixed: Spirit Spawn Egg Name
  • Fixed: (Advanced) Item Collectors putting items into the side opposite to them.
  • Fixed: Error in log when opening a redstone remote for editing.
  • Fixed: Redstone Remote button not working when there isn't a filter in every slot before it.
  • Fixed: Various Blocks not dropping items when they are supposed to
  • Fixed: Compressed Slime Blocks having the wrong bounding box

I'm not a native English speaker so feel free to report spelling mistakes or weird grammatical constructs in the JEI Descriptions on Github.