Random Things

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Filename RandomThings-MC1.11.2-3.8.jar
Uploaded by Lumien231
Uploaded Feb 16, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 1.76 MB
Downloads 14,395
MD5 3a122a4f2c3d69ab19adf6a9f240f0b3
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions
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Java 8


  • Added: Luminous Powder
    • Added: Luminous Stained Bricks & Blocks
    • Added: Luminous Powder can be used to make the enchantment animation glow in the dark
  • Changed: Super Lubricent Ice now also works with other entities besides items (Like Players)
  • Changed: Increased Bonemeal Rate of Nature Core
  • Changed: A Nature Core will no longer plant trees in a 10 block radius around it (Leaving a clearing around it)
  • Changed: Nature Core is now harvestable with a diamond axe
  • Changed: Tweaked Purple & Blue Stained Brick color
  • Fixed: Model not found errors in logs
  • Fixed: Advanced Item Collector no longer picking up items after a chunk reload
  • Fixed: Players getting suffocation damage when returning from their Spectre Cube
  • Fixed: Lava Charm not working in the baubles slot
  • Fixed: Falling Blocks landing on a compressed slime block being broken instead of bounced
  • Fixed: Magic Bean Stalk breaking even supposedly indestructible blocks
  • Fixed: Water Walking Boots not working
  • Fixed: Returning wrong Dimension Type in the Spectre Dimension Provider
  • Fixed: Quartz & Lapis Glass not working properly

The Luminous Effect on Blocks is currently not working with Optifine installed, i'll look into getting it compatible later.