Random Loot Mod

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Introducing Looting like you've never seen it before! Have you ever felt that Minecraft didn't have enough tools and weapons to make you happy? Are you dissatisfied with the low amount of character each tool has? Ever wanted your tools to get better as you use them? Yes?!? Well then this is the mod for you!





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Loot cases can be found by looting dungeons of all kinds, like nether fortresses and end cities, or rarely dropped from killing mobs and bosses.


There are 3 tiers of cases: Basic, Golden, and Titan, these cases drop swords, shovels, axes and pickaxes (for now) that have random amounts of hit damage and attack speed. As well as random effects that can apply potion effects to you or your attacker or just making the tool unbreakable. Each tool you receive will have an experience bar and once full your tool will level up and gain better attributes such as attack speed or attack damage!


To get started, kill some mobs or find a dungeon and hope there's a case inside, then right click to open the case!




Feel free to use this mod in a modpack! In fact I'd love to see it in one, send me a link!







Nearly all textures are made by me, but a bunch of them are terraria tool edits. I've repainted them using the same ideas and/or recolored and edited them.

Zorbyn for some tool textures.

Sprucefence for some tool textures.



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