Random Enchants

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Random Enchants is a collection of enchantments and curses that I felt would be useful additions to the base game.  Suggest any new ones


Recommended to use with Enchanting Plus or another mod that allows for selecting enchants as the list is large and will crowd out the vanilla ones.








  • Solar - Slowly repairs while outside.


  • Eternal - Items with this enchant no longer despawn due to time reasons.


  • Resistant - Items with this enchantment are immune to almost all forms of damage including lava, cactus, fire, explosions, etc.


  • Magnetic - Equipment with this enchant will teleport mined blocks/mob drops into your inventory.


  • Global Traveler - Equipment with this enchantment will teleport dropped items/mob drops to a linked inventory, can be disabled by shift clicking.



Bow only


  • Back To the Chamber - has a chance of returning arrows that strike an enemy back to the inventory, 20% chance per level up to 5 levels max, works with tipped arrows, conflicts with infinity and multishot.


  • Exploding - Arrows explode on contact with a mob, does not destroy blocks.


  • Harvesting - Arrows will harvest any solid plants they come in contact with, this includes melons, pumpkins, and more.


  • Homing - Arrows fired by this bow will track any mob with the exception of Enderman and most passive mobs.


  • Phasing - Arrows go through walls.


  • Piercing - Arrow can pierce through several mobs.


  • Quick Draw - Decreases the bow charge time, max level 5.


  • Ricochet - Arrows bounce off walls and floors.


  • Shattering - Arrows break glass.


  • Torches - Attempts to place a torch where the arrow lands, arrow is consumed.


  • True Shot - Arrows fired by this bow will not be affected by gravity.


  • Transposition -  Swap places with the attacker.


  • Teleportation - Teleports to wherever the arrows land, won't teleport into lava or other unsafe places.


Bow And Sword



  • Cursed Jumping - any mob struck with this enchantment will be unable to prevent themselves from skyrocketing into the air when they jump


  • Disarm - any mob struck with this enchant will drop their weapon.


  • Floating - any mob struck with this enchant will be affected by the  Shulker Effect Floatng for 10 seconds.


  • Instant Death - Any mob stuck with this enchant will die instantly including mobs that normally have a built in damage cap like guardian of gaia


  • Lightning - strikes any mob it hits with lightning, not recommended for use with swords.


  • Paralysis - Any mob struck with this will find themselves unable to move, jump, or attack 


  • Swiftness - Multiplies attack speed of held item, comes in 5 levels.


  • True Lifesteal - Damage dealt by a weapon enchanted with this restores some health; armor piercing

Swords only


  • Combo - Increased damage with each successful strike, resets if it hits air or blocks.


Tools only


  • Equal Mine - Every block above hardness 1 is mined at the same speed.


  • Momentum - Mining speed increases for each consecutive block of the same one


  • Obsidian Buster - Mining speed increases by 100 when used on obsidian


  • Randomness - Blocks drop random items when mined, one item per level.


  • Stonebound - Tool gains more mining speed at lower durability, but reduced damage.


  • Stonelover - Pickaxe has an 80% chance to restore 1 durability if mining stone (does not include cobblestone). 


  • Lumberjack - poor man's lumberaxe, may not work on branching trees.


Fishing rod


  • Snatching - pulls the armor off of whatever mob it hits.


  • Grappling - If used on a block, launches the player, make sure to have fall protection.





  • Deflect - Arrows shot towards the wearer get vaporized, does not apply to player arrows  (Chestplate only).






  • Breaking - makes tool break faster, 3 levels


  • Butterfingers - Oops


  • Fumbling - Tool doesn't mine as quickly as it should...


  • Shadows - Equipment seems to weaken in the light...



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