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Random Assistant

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Random Drop Assistant

This is a mod that provides a hierarchical drop-tracking graph for Minecraft with random drops.

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The Red Book

Inside the survival inventory, there is a new book next to the recipe book. This is the loot table tracking book.

Loot Table Tracking

  • The book will automatically track loot tables that have been found in the world.
    • This includes block breaking, entity killing, fishing, chest looting, and more.
    • The book will also track recipes you have crafted and blocks you interact with in the world.
      • This includes stripping logs, waxing copper, and more.
      • Crafting recipes and interactions are tracked so that you can see the paths you took to get to a specific item.
  • All tracking is done via a custom implementation of the in-game statistics system so there is no need to worry about data loss. - Consequently, unless this mod is installed server-side, the book will not be able to track loot tables as statistics are stored server-side.

Red Book Display

  • The red book will open up a new widget to the right of the inventory, closing the recipe book if it is open.
    • This widget will contain a list of every loot table that has been discovered, i.e. the loot table to get diamonds.
    • Each loot table entry will have a preview of "Best Source == Number of Steps ==> Target Item"
      • The "Best Source" is the block, entity or recipe that is naturally found (if possible) and has the least number of steps to get to the target item.
    • Clicking on a loot table entry will open up that loot table's graph above the inventory.
  • There is a settings button in the top right which will take you to the mod's settings.

Loot Table Graph

  • The loot table graph will show the target item you selected in the red book.
    • In the top left, there will be an icon indicating what your current target item is and a compass which you can click to re-center the graph on the target item.
    • The graph will contain nodes and arrows connecting the nodes.
      • Right-click a node to highlight the path from that node to the target item.
      • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.


The settings menu can be accessed by clicking the settings button in the top right of the red book.

  • Unbroken Stars (default: on)

    • Display star icons on unbroken blocks
  • Silk-Touch Stars (default: on)

    • Display star icons on broken but not silk-touched blocks
    • Requires Unbroken Stars to be on
  • Enable Override (default: off)

    • Enable all undiscovered loot tables
    • This is not permanent and can be disabled at any time
  • Randomize Colours (default: off)

    • Randomize world and entity colours (Cosmetic)
  • Search Depth (default: 6)

    • The maximum number of steps to search for a path to the target item
    • Increasing this will increase the size of the graph and time it takes to generate the graph, thus, values over 15 are not recommended
  • Highlight Radius (default 5)

    • The radius for how many blocks (that are unbroken) are highlighted when holding down the highlight key (default v)
    • Values over 10 are not recommended when surrounded by a lot of unbroken blocks as highlighting blocks is somewhat intensive