Ranchable Fluid Cows

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Note: It is my hope that this will be merged (to some extent) into Moo Fluids or MFR soon(tm). I think that it would be better for players to get the functionality of this mod by just having Moo Fluids and MFR loaded together. However, I will continue to support this mod until this happens.

Update (Feb. 4, 18): There are currently no plans to update this to MC 1.11/1.12. Instead, I have started moving features from this mod into Moo Fluid itself. To everyone that has supported this mod, Thank you!


This mod enables the cows from Moo Fluids to be 'milked' with the MFR rancher.

Other Features

-Config option to set a time penalty when using the rancher.

Mod Dependencies

Moo Fluids

MineFactory Reloaded

Modpack Permission

Anyone that would like to include this mod in a modpack has permission to do so.