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Adds more rails to the game!



  • Steel Rail: Twice as fast as the vanilla rail.
  • Powered Steel Rail: Powered rail that is twice as fast as the vanilla rail. Does not stop minecarts when not powered.
  • Braking Steel Rail: Slows down and stops minecarts when powered. Make sure to use this so your minecarts don't derail on turns!


Steel Ingot:




Steel Rail


Powered Steel Rail:


Braking Steel Rail:


Coming Soon:

  • Fluid Tank Cart: A minecart that could carry fluid.
  • Battery Cart: A minecraft that could carry energy.
  • Even Faster Rails: Rails that are 2.5-3 times faster than vanilla rails.
  • Blast Furnace: Can create two ingots from an ore, steel from iron, and coke from coal instead of using a regular furnace

And yes, this mod was HEAVILY inspired by Railcraft.


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