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Filename RailsOfWar-1.7.10-5.8-RC7.jar
Uploaded by Nathaniel_Iten
Uploaded Aug 2, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 8.12 MB
Downloads 30,982
MD5 d593e12537756d68d487f8a758af77e4
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions
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Java 8


+ Reworked the track data system (basically, backported the changes from 1.10.2- and now the data isn't messed between dimensions.
+ Locomotive power / tractive effort is now a function of speed.
+ Reworked train physics, drag (moving resistance) and tractive effort (for locomotives) are now dependant on rolling stock speed.
+ Added an inventory to boxcar.
+ Made it possible for stock to teleport to nether through portals.
+ Made it possible to actually ride the stock through portal (vanilla has no such feature).
+ Added config option to choose TESR (quality) or ISBRH (performance) for rendering tracks.
+ Added a key item to open / close boxcar doors. Unmodified NTV inventory is accessed with shift-click.
+ Made ghost track transparent and ignoring z-depth test, also added config for that.
+ Added config options to disable shooting, set howitzer explosion strength and invert Y-axis for howitzer and machinegun.
+ Rerranged and purified the config a bit (also made it load specific config file rather than modID-suggested).

+ Added ability to place 'track preview' entities in world.
+ Re-implemented stock gravity on slopes (inclines).
+ Fixed buffer stop model in ISBRH mode.
+ Tweaked mass calculation for boxcar and made it save / load doors state.
+ Fixed long flatbed not rendering the load.
+ Added inventory rendering for boxcar and reworked the GUI accordingly.

+ Fixed a bug where track could be placed by clicking on any side of block.
+ Added animation to NTV boxcar door lock.
+ Added door object to SSW and an animation for it.
+ Both NTV and SSW should be clicked with key to open the door now.
+ Made bench render lowered down like lamp post does.
+ Refined some icons.
+ Made synchro button work in survival.
+ Added 'hide freight when doors closed' for boxcar.
+ Added machinegun name to lang file. Some other minor fixes.
+ Fixed doors client desync issue.
+ Added ability to place items into boxcar inventory.
+ Items and non-solid blocks are now rendered as crates in boxcar inventory.
+ Fixed the issue with stock responding unproperly to dye interaction.
+ Added crafting inventory/GUI to bobber. RMB the cart while riding it to open the inventory
+ Added smelting inventory to caboose (bobber). RMB when riding a caboose will open the furnace, Shift-RMB when not riding will open the crafting table.
+ Reworked track preview collision box and prevented it from pushing out of blocks.
+ Reworked track item and preview behaviour and added tooltips.
+ Added synchro button recipe.
+ Minor code optimizations.
+ Fixed server crash caused by RoW armour.
+ Optimized armour code to prevent client-side memory leak.
+ Added 1.10-style box rendering for tracks and gags.
+ Added render pass check for NTV load rendering.
+ Removed leftover console outputs.
+ Added option to invert track laying order.
+ Made caboose drop furnace items on death.
+ Added recipes for brodie helmet and army cap.
+ Reworked lantern model, rendering and collision boxes.
+ Added door sounds to SSW.
+ Fixed missing mapping for track gag tile-entities.
+ Added missing pointer recipe and swapped recipes properly (redstone torch for pointer with light box).
+ Fixes to prevent crashes related to track and track gag tile entities.
+ Adding back side dismount feature.
+ Fixing a crash from gag / track TE mismatch in rolling stock items' code.
+ Bound auto-stoker and firebox together, renamed the keybinding and added coal visualisation.
+ Made whistle / piston sounds louder (increased audibility distance).
+ Made track boxes use opaque colours.
+ Fixed server crash caused by caboose particle spawning code.
+ Some fixes to prevent crashes caused by gag / track TE mismatch.
+ Fixed switchmotor / crate / tub duplication bugs.
+ Fixed a bug when pressing control keys while dismounted will fire control packets on last mounted locomotive.
+ Made door sound to play when mounting SSW.
+ Reworked switch / pointer / switchmotor. Now the motor sound is only played when motor acts, and it's impossible to turn switch manually is the motor is attached.
+ Fixed coal flying out of loco (autostoker feature).
+ Reworked track gags back to TE-free system. F8 boxes are now rendered with ISBRH.
+ Made 'invert track order' option true by default.
+ Moved a major part of tooltips and messages from code to lang files.
+ Added config to disable track error message.
+ Fixed NBT items loosing their NBT tags when dropped from killed inventory stock.
+ Fixed boxcar fake gravity messing up the items.
+ Added door functionality and rendering to Yer.
+ Finally fixed key handling bugs (pressing keys while dismounted was causing controls to fire when mounting).
+ Dismount is only possible when doors are open (if the stock has doors)
+ Players are dismounted on the corresponding side of the stock.
+ Automatic door closing is now enabled / disabled through config.
+ Added config option to display speed in miles per hour.
+ Caboose inventories (workbench and furnace) are now opened with keyboard, not mouse.
+ Fixed inability to dismount from some stock.
+ Fixed Yer tank fuel mechanics.
+ Fixed a bug which would occur when you leave stock right on that 0.15m spacer of the turn / switch and then rejoin the world, and the stock will have 0, 0, 0, tangent and thus stuck in place.
+ Fixed boxcar (NTV) not updating inventory when interacted by hopper.
+ Fixed dismounting into the ground.
+ Dismounting won't work if you're standing in the centre of walkable area now
+ Fixed dismount position for Ov tender.
+ Reduced static and dynamic resistance.
+ Fixed ability to apply freight wand on modified (with beds) boxcar.
+ Fixed caboose item not spawning caboose.
+ Made track blocks update on box render toggle (F8 by default).
+ Fixed dismounting displacement issue.
+ Fixed inability to dismount from caboose.
+ Fixed tenders not loading up to 100% when colliding with coal.
+ Made box render toggle (F8 by default) call render updates on track blocks on keypress.
– Removed brakes from all stock except locomotives.
+ Added stopper button to drop controls on locomotives and apply brakes.
+ Small improvement on save / load for locomotives.
+ Further improvement of traction code.
+ Improvement to resistance and stock locking at zero speed.
+ Reduced working mass for SSW.
+ Tweaked SSW tractive effort.
+ Tweaked Yer resistance a bit.
+ Fixed inability to dismount Cherepanov's loco, tweaked it's power and resistance.
+ Tweaked auto-stoker locations for Cherepanov loco and tender.
+ Made auto-stoker save properly to NBT.
+ Added reverser indicator to Ov.
+ Added missing strings for stopbutton and freight wand.
+ Added freight wand icon.
+ Made reverser rotation smooth on steam locomotives and refined reverse indicator model on O-class.
+ Decreased firebox opening / closing time.
+ Optimized train iterating code.
+ Prevented one possible NPoE in the packetSendClientNBT.
? Possibly fixed the 'sudden stop' bug.
+ Fixed inability to dismount from passenger car.
+ Fixed switchmotor sound not working for 30m switches.
+ Reworked switch logics, fixed a bug when trailing trains won't push the blades.
+ Reworked key handling and reduced desync caused by it.
+ Improved general stock sync a bit.
+ Reduced brake toggle time.
+ Fixed inability to dismount from handcar.
+ Fixed tub crate texture.
+ Refined Cher tub and tender icons.
+ Made passenger car stiction a bit less
+ Made SSW a bit more powerful.
+ Fixed SSW brake handle not rendering animation.
+ Fixed the controls interlapping with other players' in multiplayer.
+ Fixed player position in stock on slopes.
+ Animated firebox for Yers.
+ Made it impossible to push track blocks with pistons.
+ Fixed debug and box rendering keybinds not always working.
+ Couplers are now decoupling if stretch is too big.
+ Gravel wand now can't replace bedrock, and other blocks are dropped as items.
+ Fixed player inventory not being updated when using gravel wand.
+ Made lantern drop in survival.
+ Howitzer is now dropped when destroying it with shift-click in survival.
+ Reworked howitzer recoil animation.
+ Fixed Ov whistle top texture.
+ Combined creative tabs and properly ordered items.
+ Howitzer isn't dropping item in creative now.
+ Added config options to disable gravel wand in non-creative modes and set it's action range.
+ Reduced resistance constants for Cherepanov loco, tender and tub and increased loco power.
+ Increased braking force for all rolling stock.
+ Imported language files from POEditor.
? Probably fixed decoupling not working properly on servers.
- Disabled hunger reducement feature for handcar (due to server crash).
+ Fixed decoupling not working properly (and desync caused by that).
+ Made steam locomotives only spawn steam when regulator is opened (previously it was reverser).
+ Added speedometer limit for Ov (in-cab renderer).
+ Added new particle texture for track blocks.
+ Fixed long-tanks Yer firebox not having a hole for fire.
+ Added coal to RoW creative tab.
+ Implemented chunkloading code from RoWAM.
+ Fixed caboose inventories not working on server.
+ Added resistance from turns.
+ Changed the regulator characteristic order for locomotives (regulator value changes from 0 to 1 and was previously powered by 2, now the power is 0.33). This affects the power output.
+ Added chat message for coupling breaking.
+ Fixed tower clock dial interfering with parent block.
+ Fixed tower clock not displaying correct time.
~ Probably fixed the bug where coupled stock will randomly run away.
+ Fixed bech, pole clock and lamp post falling through upper slabs.
+ Fixed benches not detecting neighbours properly on slabs.
+ Fixed creative tab search not working with RoW items.
+ Added overhead tag with last letters of the unique stock name.
+ Added config options for coupling breaking.
+ Fixed SSW speedometer.
+ Fixed gag block 'pick up' return value.
+ Lamp post no longer needs redstone for work.
+ Fixed wall lamp model.
+ Fixed stock recipes.
+ Fixed boxcar, tank and Yer engines dropping wrong items.
+ Fixed lamp post falling out of field of view.
+ Removed all code related to 'lit' lamps and clocks to prevent bugs on old worlds.
+ Removed technical blocks from creative tab search.
~ Possibly fixed switchmotors not working on servers issue related to block update.
+ Added recipe for wall clock.
+ Added dynamic boduning box for wall clock.
+ Fixed tower clock missing the name.
+ Fixed tower clock dial being upside down.
+ Removed ability to destroy trains with arrows and snowballs.
+ Fixed slopes' textures.
+ Added tractive effort multiplier to config.
~ Fixed couplings not working for negative stretch when buffer physics is disabled.
~ Added switchmotor item to eliminate placing bugs.
+ Fixed diagonal model in ISBRH mode.